Learn to Improve Your Memory

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It is a common misconception that memory decays with age. This can only happen when a person does not use their memory properly. A person's memory is just like a muscle. The more it is used, the stronger it gets. When neglected, it atrophies and becomes weak. This is why people often struggle with memory as they age. If a person instead chooses to continue learning new things in their later years, practices memory-improving exercises, keeps their imagination alive and allows themselves to be open to new experiences, they can prevent this from happening.
There are three different kinds of memory and this book explains it all. What seems like such a simplistic function is actually a quite complicated process. A series of neural connections in the brain hold an unbelievable amount of data. When you have the ability to access this data in an organized fashion, you have a heightened ability to create and learn new ideas. Each time you have a new experience and your mind can recall this information, it serves as both a road map to success and a warning sign for danger.


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