Measles: The Official Information Guide for Caregivers & Patients

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Measles is one of the most contagious diseases in the world. Fortunately it is also an infection that has a vaccine that can provide immunity. It has ravaged populations in recorded history, but modern technology and discoveries have allowed the population to enjoy a degree of protection through vaccination.
Protect yourself, your children, and your loved ones from the infection. Know how to detect and differentiate measles from other infections that bear certain similarities. Use the treatment available to provide supportive care to patients with measles. Understand the vaccine, its schedule, and its expected side effects, and correct any misconceptions that you may have regarding the vaccine and the infection.
This guide answers the questions:

What is measles?
How is it caused and transmitted?
What are the symptoms?
What treatments are there?
How can you prevent measles?
What are the pros & cons of the different types of treatments?
What happens if adults catch measles?
Although various governments have already increased their efforts toward immunization programs for children, it is the adults who are at risk. Measles is more inconvenient and dangerous when it manages to infect adults. This can be resolved by the same level of care, but added caution must be taken since adults are more prone to develop complications associated with measles. To protect even adults, vaccines can also be administered to them.


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