Medical Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths: What We Think We Know May Be Hurting Us : The Great Courses: Better Living

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  • Sprecher: Professor Steven Novella
  • Serie: The Great Courses: Better Living
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True or false: Eight glasses of water a day are mandatory for staying hydrated. Vitamin C protects you from catching a cold. Natural foods are always better for you.
What do these nuggets of so-called medical wisdom have in common? They're not true. They're myths, half-truths, and misconceptions - pieces of information so familiar we take them for granted without truly considering the scientific truth behind them.
In today's information age, such medical myths are all around us. And using them to make decisions about your own health can be harmful. Even deadly. That's why it's critical to understand the accuracy of medical information and discover the truth about everyday health and well-being.
That's the core of this important series of 24 eye-opening lectures from an acclaimed neurologist, educator, and science broadcaster. Dr. Novella will give you evidence-based guidelines for good health, enhance your ability to be better informed about common medical myths, and strengthen your skills at assessing medical information and advice.
An essential aid for any home, the lecture series is divided into three sections that focus on specific aspects of health. "You Are What You Eat and Drink": Get pointed looks at proper hydration, the routine use of multivitamins, natural foods and probiotics, antioxidants, and more. "Fighting Diseases": Sort out truth from fiction regarding vaccines, the supposed link between vaccination and autism, chronic diseases, and other subjects. "Exploring the Alternatives": Investigate the claims behind herbal medicines, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other alternatives that aren't as worthwhile as they claim to be.
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nice medical anecdotes

As with most of the Great Courses Series, a very nice set of lectures delivered by a supreme orator. Well thought out, logical and concise in the presentation. However, I really fear for the US if this considered University level... It was interesting, but in contrast to most lectures, rather popular science than University science. Still, fun to listen to.
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- Christian Esch

Everyone can benefit from listening to this

Prof. Novella did a brilliant job putting together this course; each lecture is concise, straightforward, and brimming with fascinating facts. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, eye-opening experience, and I would highly recommend this course to everyone I know -- it was worth every cent and every second I spent on it, and then some!
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- Sable

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 08.07.2013
  • Verlag: The Great Courses