Mind-Body Medicine : The Great Courses: Better Living

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Cutting-edge research on the brain's interaction with the body shows that health is directly impacted by our social environments, socioeconomic status, culture, behaviors, relationships, psychological states, and habits of mind, among many factors.
Mind-body medicine - working in partnership with traditional medical practice - uses a large range of psychological, physical, and behavioral treatments in a model of health care that aims to treat the whole human being. It provides highly effective resources for prevention and treatment of a wide spectrum of medical conditions-and for fostering the ultimate goals of health care: truly optimal and lasting physical health, as well as emotional and psychological well-being.
In these 36 revealing lectures, Professor Satterfield offers you a comprehensive overview of the field. You'll look in depth at the anatomical and biological systems through which what is "outside" in the environment gets "inside" to affect our minds and bodies. You'll also examine recent research on subjects ranging from the impact our emotions and psychology have on health to the crucial roles that social, cultural, and behavioral factors play. And you'll learn about effective mind-body treatments for many common medical conditions and diseases. Finally, you'll finish the course with a tool box of ideas and interventions for your personal wellness goals, empowering you to partner more effectively with your medical providers and maximize your own health.
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Excellently researched, organized and narrated

Professor Satterfield does a great job presenting a huge amount of relevant information in a way that makes the hearer able to grasp, understand and memorize it. He manages this by first building a fundament of knowledge and then helping the hearer improve upon it.

His voice, in my opinion, is very easy to listen to and I will often switch from my other audiobooks to this one when I feel like absorbing knowledge in a more relaxed way.

The content ranges from the biological basics of stress and health to the psychological influences to the relations between these two, with a huge lot of other factors that are involved, such as: nutrition, education, living environment, working environment, religion/spirituality, social circles, personality types, coping strategies, genetic dispositions, gender, race and probably a few more that I can't remember right now.

All in all: Twenty hours of relevant information connected to health, explained in a very understandable way and with a great voice.
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- Michael

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.09.2013
  • Verlag: The Great Courses