Prepare to Meet Thy Doom

  • von David Kushner
  • Sprecher: Wil Wheaton
  • 5 Std. 39 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


From Masters of Doom author David Kushner comes Prepare to Meet Thy Doom, a compilation of true gaming stories covering many facets of America's biggest entertainment business: the video game industry. In addition to more than a dozen fascinating tales of game creation, play, business, and controversy, Prepare to Meet Thy Doom follows up on Kushner's previous best seller, Masters of Doom, with a long-awaited update on id Software founders John Romero and John Carmack.


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Collection of older articles

After an interesting but short update on the life and careers of Carmack and Romero, the rest of the book feels somewhat padded out with older articles originally written for magazines.

The articles try to find personal stories in their topics, but most feel dated and little more than nicely written previews of old games.
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- Philipp Jensen

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.10.2015
  • Verlag: Publishing