Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook

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Are you wondering how to perform first aid techniques and administer survival medicine during any situation?
One of the most overlooked, yet vitally important, aspects of any survival situation is medical treatment. Following a catastrophic event, emergency medical responders will be overburdened (to say the least) and unable to respond to many calls for assistance, as these departments struggle to categorize emergencies based on severity and a host of other factors that likely depend on the situation.
Even in less extreme cases, think about the last time you called 911 or had to go to the ER following an injury. How long did it take to receive treatment? Were you satisfied with the results of the medical care you paid for? And if you live in a rural area, an emergency medical response could take hours - in the best of circumstances. Sprinkle in some bad weather or a regional catastrophe and the reality is that you may not receive the assistance you need in time.
It's for this reason that understanding at least the basics of both emergency first aid and survival medicine are essential to any survival plan.
Discover how to provide first aid, perform CPR, and lots of other life-saving techniques.
Also, you'll discover....

How to build the ultimate first aid kit
The difference between first aid and survival medicine
The top 10 herbs that can replace most OTC medications
And much more!
Table of contents:

An Introduction to This Guide
Basic First Aid
CPR & Rescue Breathing
Survival Medicine


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