Rationally Overcome Anxiety & Depression

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Life is full of mistakes and setbacks. But instead of just feeling momentary lapses of sadness, disappointment, or regret, we magnify our feelings and turn them into full-blown debilitating anxiety and depression.
Fortunately, there is a way out of the insanity that we create for ourselves. Our feelings, such as depression and anxiety, are to a large extent determined by our underlying thoughts and beliefs. Thankfully, as human beings, we have the ability to change our underlying beliefs if we so desire. By changing our beliefs, we can make significant steps towards alleviating even the most insidious depression and anxiety.
The methods I present in this book are based on the ancient wisdom of Stoicism and the more contemporary Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). By putting my advice into practice, you can move beyond mere symptom management. By following a simple, common-sense approach to confronting your irrational beliefs, you will truly begin to get a hold of the underlying cause of your depression and anxiety.
It requires hard work to fight back against your inborn tendency to have depressing or anxious thoughts. This book encourages the regular practice of disputing your irrational beliefs. If you are willing to follow the advice in this book and consistently put it into practice, you stand a good chance of no longer being depressed or anxious.
Putting the principles of Stoicism and REBT to work has had a profound impact on my own depression and anxiety, which is why I believe it can work for you as well. If you are willing to put in the work as I did, I believe that you can overcome depression and anxiety as well. But you do not have to simply take my word for it; you can try it and see for yourself!


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