The Physics of Christmas

  • von Roger Highfield
  • Sprecher: Gerard Doyle
  • 8 Std. 19 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Can reindeer fly? Why is Santa Claus fat? Could scientists clone the perfect Christmas tree? Was the star of Bethlehem really a comet? Why is Rudolph's nose red? How does Santa manage to deliver presents to an estimated 842 million households in a single night? What could we do to guarantee a white Christmas every year? These are among the questions explored in this irresistibly witty audiobook, which illuminates the cherished rituals, legends, and icons of Christmas from a unique and fascinating perspective: science.
The Physics of Christmas is also available in print from Little, Brown and Company.



"Enchanting...a delightful compendium." ( New York Times Book Review)
"Just what the elves ordered...Highfield is the best sort of guide: he is brimming with facts, but he doesn't use them to bludgeon the mystery out of Christmas." ( Newsweek)
"Excellent entertainment for the Christmas connoisseurs in your circle." ( USA Today)


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Trivia meets Science meets Humour

The book is nicely divided into chapters so you can stop and continue whenever you want to. Refreshingly told details of the origin of Christmas, different traditions, the correct way in terms of time and temperature to cook a turkey, parasites in rendeers noses and much more.
They include what a christmas pudding has in common with porridge, literature, the arctic and science cook books. Other questions of 'importance' are chemical characteristics of sauces, chocolate, seasonal jollyness, snow, the future of Christmas and various other subjects.
Trivia meets science meets humour. We learn if and how a candle burns in outer space, the psychology behind presents, what alcohol does to sleep, and so forth.
It doesn't matter if you take Christmas seriously as a religious holiday or ignore it completely and celebrate a form of winterfest instead. You will enjoy the audio book and even learn something from all the knowledge thrown at you.
The narrator delivers the contents of the book convincingly with just the right amount of enthusiasm. He takes you on a journey through the science of Christmas. I am not quite certain if all the details are true, especially the thesis regarding the origin of Santa Claus - but the mentioned saint definitely existed. However, it doesn't matter - humour mixes with facts and you will get to know about things you never thought about before but which are interesting nonetheless ... What more could you want?
<strong>Result: definitely recommended.</strong>
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- museion

Manche Dinge eignen sich weniger als Hörbuch

Klar, um Weihnachten drumrum gibt es viele interessante Dinge, die man wissenschaftlich betrachten kann und auch sollte. Sehr gut u.a. fand ich die Abschnitte über den Weihnachtsbaum, den Weihnachtsmann, seinen Rentieren und den Stern von Bethlehem. Unnötig waren z.B. Abschnitte wie die Photosynthese am Beispiel des Tannensbaums zu erklären.
Am meisten genervt hat mich jedoch die Einführung zu Beginn eines jeden Kapitels, in der schon die Kernausssagen des folgenden enthalten waren. Für ein gedrucktes Buch mit leichtem Lexikoncharakter ist dies prima für den ersten Überblick und als Entscheidungshilfe ob andere Kapitel nicht erstmal interssanter sind. Für ein Hörbuch in dem das gezielte springen zu nächsten Kapiteln und Abschnitten schwieriger ist (zumal man ja meist nebenbei noch was am tun ist) ist das eher ungeschickt.
Von daher ist es meiner Meinung nach praktischer sich dieses Werk in gedruckter Form zu Gemüte zu führen, daran kann auch ein engagierter und gut verständlicher Vorleser, wie Gerard Doyle nichts ändern.
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- matraque

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.11.2002
  • Verlag: Random House Audio