The Wisdom of Your Cells

  • von Bruce H. Lipton
  • Sprecher: Bruce H. Lipton
  • 8 Std. 12 Min.
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In the tradition of Carl Sagan, Rachel Carson, and Stephen Hawking, a new voice has emerged with the unique gift of translating cutting-edge science into clear, accessible language: Dr. Bruce Lipton. With The Wisdom of Your Cells, this internationally recognized authority on cellular biology takes listeners on an in-depth exploration into the microscopic world, where new discoveries and research are revolutionizing the way we understand life, evolution, and consciousness. In this full-length audio course, Dr. Lipton shares his lucid and startling insights about the building blocks of life, and how each one of our cells has far greater innate intelligence than we once believed.


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Ich habe so veil gelernt!, am interessanter fand ich den Begriff "epigenetics".
Lesen Sie weiter...

- Francesc Rodriguez Gombau

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.08.2006
  • Verlag: Sounds True