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Vocal tone and pitch. Posture. Eye contact and blinking. Gestures. Gait. Body type and clothing choices. How much of our communication is nonverbal?
In Understanding Nonverbal Communication, you'll discover that nonverbal communication is less intentional and harder to control than the words you choose to speak. Because you are less aware of it than you are of your words, it provides better clues to what you are feeling and thinking. You can deliberately decide what to say, but from the deeper subcortical regions of your brain come your involuntary nonverbal expressions, including sweat, pupil dilation, facial movements, or blushing cheeks - any of which can speak more about your intentions or emotions than your actual words might. In 12 revealing lectures, you'll explore the history, evolution, and context of both the outright obvious and the sublimely subtle nuances of personal expression.
The science of nonverbal communication has revealed intriguing insights into everything from how aspects of your reactions are biologically hardwired to how you are subconsciously influenced to vote by political speakers. You'll come to realize that the "invisible" world of nonverbal communication was always visible to you. You will explore the role of nonverbal communication as it relates to understanding other people's worldviews and interaction styles. With careful observation, you can capitalize on this science to further appreciate human expression, smooth social interactions, and strengthen relationships - helping to make the world a better and more accepting place.


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A little superficial and too repetitive

... adds little to the topic besides common and popularized knowledge. Repeats himself a lot ("research found", "studies say", "evidence shows").
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