Why We Are Wired to Worry and How Neuroscience Will Help You Fix It

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Why do our brains seem obsessed with problems both real and imagined? Believe it or not, it's not your fault - it's your default! Sharie breaks this all down so you can finally understand why your brain loves worrying about problems and how you can stop and finally get off your worry-go-round.Your brain is programed to believe that impending doom is around every corner due to an outdated evolutionary trait that helped ancient humans survive. But in the present day, this program is not only obsolete - it is making us sick! If you have ever been kept awake at night as your mind conjured up fears of sickness, deaths of loved ones, financial crisis, and car wrecks, you know what I mean.
You will learn how to stop the urge to get upset simply because your boss is annoyed at you or you are stuck in traffic. You will learn how to redirect your brain's distorted perception of problems using easy-to-follow, proven techniques. You will learn how to implement a targeted program that will stop your stress response in its tracks, leaving you calmer, stronger, and happier. You will finally have the control over your moods and behaviors that you have been seeking. You will replace feeling vulnerable, exhausted, and joyless with a brand-new positive outlook that will change your life.
In this book, which is packed with the latest groundbreaking scientific discoveries, you'll come to understand how three neurochemicals - dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin - along with the brain's amygdala,drive all of your behaviors, habits, passions, and attitudes. You will learn how a good mood is increased by triggering these three neurochemicals. The workbook is filled with self-probing questions and exercises where you'll make critical discoveries about your own beliefs and thought patterns and make big strides toward being happy in only a few minutes a day, allowing you to see concrete, lasting results in just two to four weeks!


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