Wireless Hacking

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Discover how to easily hack wireless networks - even if you've never hacked, coded, or operated a computer before!
Hacking wireless networks can be tricky. There are plenty of dense, complicated books out there that attempt to teach it - but just fall short of sending you into a headspin of confusion. Most of the information out there is complicated, dry, hard to follow, and unrealistic. Not to mention, if wireless hacking is taught incorrectly, you can easily get caught and thrown in the slammer.
This guide is meant to clear the confusion - to pull back the veil on some of the cleverest hackers out there, and show you their covert tricks and hacking techniques.
What's more, this book was written with the beginner in mind. It's easy to follow and shows you how to do things from A-Z. You'll be shocked to find out how simple these methods are. Of course, that's not to say a pro wouldn't gain value from it. Even old dog hackers should find some of the concepts useful, new, and refreshing.
Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside:

How to hack wireless networks using the sneakernet method
How to use wardriving to hack wireless networks
A detailed list of all the softwares you can download for hacking (so you can bypass difficult coding and the need to be a computer god)
How to install and use Kali Linux
A step by step tutorial on installing Kali Linux using a dual boot with Windows
How to find vulnerabilities and "holes" on websites
A crash course in penetration testing
How operations work on the back-end of things
How to prevent others from hacking into your system
How to find and exploit human error on any given website
How to get past a password protected computer
How to gain remote access to a computer
How to use any laptop as a listening device
And much, much more!

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