101 Power Thoughts

  • von Louise L. Hay
  • Sprecher: Louise L. Hay
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In this inspirational audiobook, Louise L. Hay brings you 101 power thoughts and explains how each can make your life more productive and positive. You might wish to replay the thoughts that are especially meaningful to you so they can really make a lasting impression. Sample Thought: I CAN RELEASE THE PAST AND FORGIVE EVERYONE. I free myself and everyone in my life from old, past hurts. They are free and I am free to move into new, glorious experiences.


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background sounds

A supreme mental fix.

the background sounds can be made softer.
Base is high. The vocals get muffled
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- Angad

Thank you Louise!

Without her affirmations and ideas I couldn't change the way I was thinking and never getting out of the negative way I have lived. One of the best things in my life!
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- Kati32

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.08.2004
  • Verlag: Hay House