7 Quick and Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating: Overcome Fear, Social Anxiety, Self-Sabotage and Lack of Motivation

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Do you feel immobilized by fear or anxiety? Do you have the tendency to self-sabotage? Have you lost your sense of purpose and the motivation to reach your goals?
Does the phrase "I'll do it tomorrow" seem hauntingly familiar? If you answered yes to any of these questions, 7 Quick and Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating is right up your alley.
We've all been there. When work and life becomes unavoidably chaotic, when the pressures and the demands of ordinary tasks seem like too much, we all have the tendency to put things off.
For some, procrastination can be a welcome break from the rigors of everyday demands. For others, it can become a crippling set of practices that destroy families, careers, and lives. I'm very familiar with the patterns. In high school and college, the structure and routine of my studies helped dictate that the demands of tomorrow would be met today. In graduate school, however, the sudden freedom from deadlines and the absence of constraints placed upon my daily movement pushed me toward greater and greater procrastination.
I couldn't start simple presentations, papers, or research projects until hours before they were due. The rest of my time was spent browsing the Internet for new top-10 lists and photo galleries. My inability to structure the demands of my profession are the single biggest reason why I crashed and burned.
I needed help, but even the act of looking for solutions to my procrastination problem was an excuse to procrastinate. Like a dog chasing his tail.
Luckily, you won't have to look far in the future, because there is a simpler alternative. 7 Quick and Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating guides you through the problem of procrastination while offering astonishingly simple solutions tailor-made for people like myself.
This guide first identifies the root sources of procrastination and a description of the four types of procrastinators.


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