Aligning with Love

  • von David Deida
  • Sprecher: uncredited
  • 1 Std. 16 Min.
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These days, women rarely come across men who can meet them fully in intimacy, suggests maverick teacher and author David Deida. Why? Because women have culturally evolved beyond men. What does sexiness mean in today's changing world? How do men and women re-learn to trust each other in spiritual depth and emotional intimacy? Beyond old sexual roles, is there any hope for enduring and ecstatic intimacy? Many women feel that men have become all but obsolete as dependable breadwinners, trustworthy guides, and committed husbands. In this time of focused women and drifting men, how do you - and why would you - find, choose, and deepen with a lover? When we transcend all past roles, what do people find sexually and emotionally attractive? What do men and women of today really want in their hearts and beds?
With irreverent humor and shocking insight, David Deida speaks to cutting-edge women and men who are ready for a new way to dance in love together. Recorded live during actual workshops, these talks are Deida's spontaneous responses to real-life questions posed by an international gathering of successful professionals, accomplished artists, and spiritual practitioners, all of whom are exploring intimacy's next step. Each program is a unique collection of Deida's teachings on how to live and love in today's evolving world, beyond all gender roles, yet fully sexually alive.

Spiritual realization requires no time
Relaxing as your natural state of love
How unresolved sexuality closes us down
Learning our patterns from our parents
Therapy is not yoga is not spiritual awakening
Sexual yoga and the love-bliss of conscious light
Masculine and feminine displays of sexiness
Turn-ons: dress, humor, and presence
The feminine loves to be worshipped as light
How to get a man to do something
From power struggles, to respect, to adoration
Feminine and masculine tilts of spiritual practice
Love and the true root of sexual passion
False spirituality and your real way
Peeling away your emotional shells
Shining love through your heart's wounds
The financial value of third-stage practice


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.11.2012
  • Verlag: Sounds True