Astral Projection

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you will be able to use astral projection. It will also help you to learn some quick tips that will enable you to overcome fears and mental blocks as you attempt to begin your astral journey. Astral projection is an adventure that not many get to experience. It will empower you, teach you about yourself, introduce you to astral entities, and possibly convince you of proof of an afterlife. My hope is that with this book, you will be able to successfully perform your first out of body experience. With this book you will find the proper mindset that you need in order to achieve an out of body experience. You will learn about vibrations and how to raise them, different techniques, a bit of the history of astral projection, astral entities and spirit guides, how to protect yourself in the astral realm, and a few tips and tricks that you can use in order to try and help make your astral journey just a little bit easier. During listening to this book, you will learn:

The proper mindset that you need in order to achieve the trance that you're going to need to be in
Different techniques that you can use to be able to achieve the separation of your body and soul
Tips that you should follow so that you can achieve astral projection better
How to actually achieve astral projection
About the astral world and its inhabitants
First-hand accounts of astral projection
And additional sources that can help you better to assist you on your journey.

Good luck on your journey!


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Excellent overview!!

If you want to travel u need more detail than just this 1hour summary. Highly recommended!
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- jürgen

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