Connect with Nature Hypnosis

  • von Rachael Meddows
  • Sprecher: Rachael Meddows
  • 2 Std. 26 Min.
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Connect with nature and its healing powers. Increase your energy and develop a more positive, motivated attitude. Nature has many natural healing properties, and you can access them today with hypnosis. Let Rachael Meddows show you how.
Connect with Nature Hypnosis helps you connect to Mother Nature's energy and use it to detoxify your body and mind and boost your energy. Your mind will receive deep hypnotic suggestions for positive change, increasing your energy levels and motivation, removing the "buzz" of the day, and creating a deep inner peace and relaxation from the natural energy around you. Why wait another day? Use the power of nature to feel great today!
Connect with Nature Hypnosis includes an instructional track as well as three hypnosis tracks for you to choose from:

One containing a short induction that allows you to fall into a deep state of relaxation quickly. Great for those who are short on time or for those experienced in hypnosis and familiar with the induction process. Approximately 10 minutes of relaxation induction.
One containing a beach induction that will lull you into a deep state of relaxation with the soothing sounds of waves hitting the shore, allowing you to let go of any mental inhibitions and be completely open to positive change. Approximately 20 minutes of relaxation induction.
One containing a staircase induction that will walk you down a mental stairway into a deeply relaxed state that ends with you in a peaceful, safe place where you can feel comfortable enough to completely open up to these hypnotic suggestions. Approximately 20 minutes of relaxation induction.
Bonus: "Sweet Dreams" included as the fifth track.


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Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht, da ich nach dem Reinhören meinem Bauchgefühl vertraute, welches mir diese sehr angenehme Sprecherin vermittelte. So kaufte ich das Hörbuch.
Wenn man den ganzen Tag über angespannt am Computer arbeitet, dann ist so eine kleine Meditation sehr wohltuend. Es werden die bekannten und bewährten Suggestionen mittels einer dafür sehr leitfähigen weiblichen Stimme in die Welt des Zuhörers übertragen.
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- Harry Pasiak

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.12.2012
  • Verlag: SDH Productions