Conquering Procrastination : Nightingale-Conant: Personal Development

  • von Neil F. Fiore Ph.D.
  • Sprecher: Neil Fiore Ph.D.
  • Serie: Nightingale-Conant: Personal Development
  • 5 Std. 14 Min.
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Conquering Procrastination: How to Stop Stalling and Start Achieving has the solutions to defeating procrastination and making time a positive force in your life.
Dr. Neil Fiore helps you recognize the three fears most commonly at procrastination's core - fear of being controlled, fear of being judged, fear of missing out on the good things in life. By learning about them and understanding them, you can put them to work for you and not against you.
In his strategic program for overcoming procrastination, Dr. Fiore teaches you not to fear failure. Instead, he supplies valuable lessons on how to manage stress and develop the self-discipline to deal with excuses, perfectionism, and comfort zones.
You'll learn how to:

Use self-talk to respond to counterproductive internal messages
Make worry work for you
Schedule guilt-free play as a motivating method
Set realistic goals so that you can meet important deadlines
Use the flow state to become more focused, energized and concentrated
Plan for setbacks, so they don't slow you down
Use the four C's - Choice, Creating safety, Commitment, and Centering - to conquer procrastination
Use three-dimensional thinking to devise a step-by-step calendar of your path to achievement

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"Salesman-touch" spoils otherwise brilliant book

Neil Fiore has a point. Or two.
By explaining what the "inner conflict" supporting continuous procrastination actually is, the audience gets a good glance at how - individually - procrastination came to be such a problem and gets a good chance to finally overcome it through understanding and a very specific and different kind of commitment. That sums up everything good I can say about this audio-book.
Too bad the entire book sounds like a sales-pitch. Perhaps it's because the entire way of presentation sounds obscene to my German ears, so I had difficulty trusting any word uttered in this audio-book. Only after overcoming the deep mistrust - also about whether this was a good buy - I could enjoy the well structured delivery of this subject.
That's a psychological hoop no reader or audience shall have to jump through to get to the truth. Shame on you for spoiling your otherwise brilliant message and your brand or reputation with this grotesque "sales-pitchy" presentation.
Only two points for you. And I'm not even sorry.
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- Michel_sieht_Sachen

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.10.2014
  • Verlag: Nightingale-Conant