Conversation Tactics

  • von Patrick King
  • Sprecher: Jeremy Reloj
  • 1 Std. 48 Min.
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Do you want to become more charming and likable - instantly? Or just make sure you can defend yourself verbally, and not be a doormat?
Do you lose arguments, find yourself speechless, or get taken advantage of by others? Or do you just want to build meaningful connections and friendships quickly?
Sounds like you need to learn as many conversation tactics as possible! In this book you'll learn 18 powerful techniques that can be used for everything under the sun - charming people, befriending strangers, increased charisma, and even arguing effectively.
You can never underestimate the power of a simple conversation.
It can be the start of something beautiful, or it can potentially ruin your day. These 18 techniques, learned from years of coaching social skills and conversations, will ensure better conversations and fewer arguments.
In addition to incredibly shrewd and nuanced insights to make conversation flow, you'll learn how win arguments and diffuse dirty tricks.

What actionable and realistic conversation tactics will you learn?
How standup comedians use conversational high points for great reactions.
What the two-second rule is and how it makes you appear incredibly attentive.
How interrupting artfully can be your secret weapon to bonding.
The singular best way to warm up for any conversation, anywhere.

Also the following insights:

The foolproof method of rehearsing only your hellos and goodbyes.
The 2:1 ratio and why math even matters in successful conversations.
The logic of not laughing at your own jokes.
The five most common argument tactics and how to neuter them.
How to deflect any ridicule.


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