• von Edward Hallowell
  • Sprecher: Don Leslie
  • 6 Std. 58 Min.
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Look at what's happened to the usual how-are-you exchange. It used to go like this: "How are you?" "Fine." Now it often goes like this: "How are you?" "Busy." Or "Too busy." Or simply "Crazy." Without intending for it to happen or knowing how, when, or why it got started, many people now find that they live in a rush they never wanted. If you feel busier than you've ever been and wonder how this happened and how you can keep up the pace much longer, you are hardly alone.
Crazy? Maybe not. Dysfunctional? Yes, indeed. We all have more to do than ever before, and less time to do it. In this highly listenable audiobook, the foremost expert on ADD, Ed Hallowell, explores the society-wide phenomenon of culturally induced ADD.
Being busy may very well keep you from doing what matters most, or it may lead you to do things you deem unwise (like getting angry, for example). Being busy is a problem for almost all of us. This audiobook is about both the opportunity and the problem, where this peculiar life comes from and how to turn it to your advantage. Offering solutions to this difficult, complex problem that might work for you, most importantly, CrazyBusy may prompt you to create solutions of your own.



"The roadmap Hallowell offers is helpful." ( Publishers Weekly)


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Ja, ich weiss, das unseres Leben zu busy ist...

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nein. ich wartete nur, wann kommen wir ändlich zu dem punkt??? durch den ganzes buch war darüber wie schlimm es für uns ist. ja, ok, und? was zu tun? ganz wenig tips...

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- K. Tamás

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.05.2006
  • Verlag: Books on Tape