Crushing Low Stakes Poker: How to Make $1,000s Playing Low Stakes Sit 'n Gos

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Want proven strategies to consistently beat the low stakes hyper turbos? Feel you could make a lot more money playing hyper turbos, but don't know where to start? Then this is the book for you!
Hyper turbos - or super turbos as they are also called - are all the rage these days in the poker world. They are fast, fun, and full of action. And most of all, they are hugely profitable! That is, if you know the right strategy to play them.
This is the first book on Amazon devoted entirely to hyper turbos. If you're a beginning or intermediate player who wants to improve his game and crush the low stakes hypers, this is the book you should hear.
Crushing the Hypers
In the third volume of Crushing Low Stakes Poker, you'll learn the best strategies, tips, and tools to consistently beat the low stakes hyper turbos, including:

The winning formula for hyper turbos
The five crucial mistakes in hypers: how to avoid them and use them against your opponents
How to make your opponents fold by using the two levels of aggression
The single thing that will crush your competition (anyone can learn it)

This book focuses on 6-max, one of the most popular hyper turbo formats. It also contains a lot of general hyper turbo strategy, so heads-up and nine-man players will find this book very useful as well.
Master the Game and Increase Your Winnings
This book provides concise and actionable information you can start using at the poker tables right away. It's easy to listen to and contains useful example hands that illustrate the various strategy concepts.
Ready to find out how profitable the hyper turbos really are? Buy the book and start winning today!


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Great audio book for 6max Hypers

Was hat Ihnen am allerbesten an Crushing Low Stakes Poker: How to Make $1,000s Playing Low Stakes Sit 'n Gos gefallen?

The book and the audio book are great and I've learned a ton from Mike Turner concerning Hyper Turbos and SnGs in general. I only read the 3rd book and it is complete in itself but also refers to the first books sometimes (while explaining the concepts again). It focuses on Hyper Turbos quite well and goes into great detail when discussing mindset, the nature of HTs and strategy. The free guide on SnGs and the guide that comes with the book is also really great and fills in the blanks so to speak while providing a lot of hands and game situation examples.
What I also loved is that I could contact the author and he helped me out a lot and could answer my questions I had personally.
I would highly recommend this book to all players who want to improve or start their Hyper Turbo career.

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