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Ignite your sex life with simple sexy phrases that will get you both feeling naughty tonight.
Talking dirty is definitely an art, and one you should try to master if you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life. While it can seem easy enough, often people find themselves tongue tied when they first foray into new sexual territory. That's because while it is an exciting way to add a little fire to your between the sheets romps, dirty talk can often be slightly harder to put into practice than people first think. If you haven't done it before or feel a bit shy about, you'll need a bit of help... How difficult can it really be though, to say something explicit and sexy to your partner in the heat of the moment? Well, for a lot of people harder than you think, once you factor in deep-seated inhibitions and insecurities.
Dirty talk can often prove a real challenge, even to those who are eager and enthusiastic to let loose in the bedroom. Learn how to unleash your sexy side! Fortunately, finding ways to unleash the dirty talker inside is possible, as long as you are willing to experiment. It can often be as simple as starting to focus on the sounds you make sexually, and working your way up slowly to the racier stuff. While we can't promise you an awkwardness-free ride to the finish, we can assure you that the erotic pay-off at the end of the adventure makes it all worth it. Make your sexual encounters even more enjoyable, for the BOTH of you. In this book we've gathered a few basic guidelines, helpful hints, and super sensual words and phrases, which will prepare you for whatever sexy scenario enters your life. So get reading, and start releasing your inner dirty self!
100 Example phrases and much more...

Learn what dirty talk is
Find out what your missing out on if you're not using the tips in this book
Learn to overcome your fear of trying something new, like sexy pillow talk
It's not only what you say, but how


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