Easy Minimalist Living

  • von Jennifer Nicole
  • Sprecher: Charlee Prescott
  • 2 Std. 17 Min.
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In this ultimate decluttering guide, you will learn how to unleash the full potential of your home with super simple techniques in just 30 days. Starting from today!
Jennifer Nicole is going to show you the benefits of decluttering and minimizing your mess.
This best-selling guide to decluttering your home from minimalist visionary Jennifer Nicole takes listeners step by step through her revolutionary "Tao of Cleanliness" system for simplifying, organizing, and storing.
Clutter is a physical manifestation of the stress in our lives. Every time we look at it, we feel like failures. It's a constant reminder or our own inadequacy. A cluttered room or a disorganized desktop can often be a sign of something inside of us. A form of mental clutter.
What we want is a sound mind in a sound body.
That ancient Latin aphorism is so right. When our house is cluttered, our mind is cluttered. And it can feel like we are trapped in a continuous cycle.
By tackling the physical clutter problem first, you open the door to breaking that cycle and freeing your mind from that sense of failure or looming stress.
Nobody actually wants to live in a messy home or have routines and habits that hurt our relationships with loved ones. Living this way can make us feel empty and isolated. We end up filling our house with junk to make up for the emptiness in our hearts.
Without realizing it, you could be stuck in this emotionally draining, disorganized cycle right now.
First clue - there are clothes on the floor in between your bedroom and bathroom right now
Second clue - there are seats in your house that you can't sit on without moving something off of them
Third clue - you have an emotional attachment to items you've never used or worn


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