Eating Disorder Recovery

  • von Patricia A. Carlisle
  • Sprecher: Sharon Olivia Blumberg
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This book contains proven steps and strategies to help you tackle binge eating and bulimia nervosa. It will also help you to develop a healthier relationship with food. Just like binge eaters, sufferers of bulimia nervosa go to great lengths to make up for overeating. Prolonged fasting, excessive exercising, self-induced vomiting, and taking unnecessary laxatives are all symptoms of the illness. Bulimia, more specifically known as bulimia nervosa, is an eating disorder that can if not addressed cause serious damage to the body and mind. This audiobook has several tips on binge eating and bulimia nervosa to help you to make a strong decision to stop. The stronger your decision to finally end this bad habit, the easier it will be to overcome your eating disorder.


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not so much help

i'm bulimic for about 8years now maybe i'm not the best example but here is my opinion: there are tips in it which are useful but already heard or thought. it is very subjectiv because e.g. i think you dont need a breakfast if you dont want to. like those intermittet fasting guys or people who like to eat in the evenig... . i would like to hear something more precise or another chapter where she tells us an example of someone won the struggle. how did she do what did she ate, where was a conflict,... so it was nice to get a refreshing speach but not much new stuff :(
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- dyVogue

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