Finding Forgiveness

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Finding forgiveness either for yourself, or for others, can sometimes be a really hard thing to do and yet it is so important for your own wellbeing because what you place your attention on plays a very large part in determining what you experience as real in the world. In this two part audio Anne Marshall offers suggestions to help you open up to the idea of extending forgiveness either to yourself, or to other people. Track one explores some ideas to give you a starting place for finding your way back to inner peace and suggests some gentle techniques to help you soften, or even release, any feelings of blame, anger, or resentment that might be spoiling your happiness in life. Track two contains a series of powerful affirmations to help you move towards the mind-set of forgiveness, helping you shift your thoughts away from a place of resentment or negativity, so that you can begin to release any connections to what may have harmed you, or hurt you. After all finding forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts that you could ever give yourself.
Anne Marshall is author of ‘The Health Factor - Coach Yourself To Better Health' and offers Health and Wellness Coaching to help her clients improve their happiness and wellbeing with speed and ease.


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