Forgive to Win!

  • von Walter E. Jacobson MD
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Most of us don't get what we want in our lives because we sabotage ourselves. We procrastinate. We resist. We don't follow through. We don't do the things that we know are in our best interests. The end result is a life of unfulfillment and disappointment. It doesn't have to be that way.
When we eliminate the guilt, shame, and self-loathing deeply embedded in our unconscious mind which generate our self-destructive, self-defeating behaviors, our world changes for the better. We start attracting people and circumstances that cooperate with our goals and propel us toward the manifestation of all our hopes and dreams.
The way to eliminate our guilt, shame, and self-loathing is to esteem ourselves and forgive ourselves. The way to esteem ourselves and forgive ourselves is to esteem and forgive others. Forgive To Win!'s Forgiveness Diet is a structured program that teaches us how to do this. It's not complicated. And it works!
By consistently practicing a daily regimen of thoughts, actions and exercises devoted to accepting, forgiving, and being of service to others, our self-esteem increases, our self-sabotaging behaviors decrease, and we experience greater opportunities and more positive outcomes in all realms of our lives.
With the Forgiveness Diet you can:

Be successful in your career
Generate wealth & prosperity
Be successful in your relationships
Generate love & harmony
Increase self-confidence
Eliminate fear & worry
Be happy & healthy
Lose weight & get in shape
Live long & live well


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