Hold That Thought

  • von Chris Right
  • Sprecher: Troy Hudson
  • 1 Std. 13 Min.
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Would you like to possess the ability to give undivided attention on a particular task, goal, or pursuit until its completion?
If your answer is yes, then listen closely.
Your mind has the power to achieve any goal. Just think of the things you can do.

You can motivate yourself.
You can influence other people.
You can turn things your way.
But the most important thing you have to learn in order to harness the full power of your mind is your ability to focus and concentrate - the proper way of putting your energy into optimal mental focus. You have the power of concentration just within you. But you have to know how to unleash it to start seeing your dreams come to life!
Own that ability today!
As one grows older, the memory gets a little dull. And so does one's ability to concentrate. This means that the older you get, the more prone you are to forgetting things. The younger generation is not spared, because of the pressure and stress brought about by their current environment and situation. So in essence, the effective ways of concentration are required regardless of age. Both the younger and the older generation will gain advantage from it.
And to summarize it all…
Concentration is the key to your success!
You can concentrate because of the way your brain functions. When they say your wavelength is different from somebody else's, they are not saying it out of a good old joke. In fact, it has a scientific basis. Our brains do produce wavelengths. Each of them works in a certain way to make focus and concentration possible.
But there are also factors that keep these wavelengths from working. These are the very things that you have to avoid. The main issue against concentration is of course, distraction. And distraction can happen both internally and externally.


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