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If you are looking at your life and wishing there was more, does that make you greedy or a bad person?
To even think this question is wholly the root of the problem. This sort of thinking comes from a scarcity mindset and it is preventing guys like you from having abundance. More money, more girls, more fun, more sex; just more!
We were told some things when we were growing up that while well-intentioned are not true:

Wanting money is greedy
You should find your soulmate and settle down
Keep your head down and stay out of trouble
Blend in with the crowd

All this advice was designed to protect you from taking dangerous risks before you were mature enough to deal with them. But at some point you need to step away from the safe, cautious and boring rules and start to become the exception to the rule.
Seventy Seven is a lifestyle coach for men and the creator of Seduction Psychology. This book is designed for successful guys who want to break the ceiling and create a truly exceptional life.
This books delivers the abundance mindset you need to flood your life with beautiful women, fast cars, five star vacations and much more.
The only question is, are you ready for it?


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