How to Stay Focused: 10 Untold Remarkably Simple Techniques to Control Your Mind and Stay Focused

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"You are what you think." These were the words of the great Buddha. Such was his faith in the power of the mind that he was able to conclude that what you think, you become.
The mind is a powerful thing to have. The thoughts that run through your mind shape and become your reality. You are one huge magnet. You attract into your life the energy that vibrates in the same frequency that your thoughts are vibrating into. If you think negative thoughts, then you will also attract the same level of negative energy. If you allow positive thoughts to flow through your mind, then positive things will also come your way.
The life that you are living now is the product of your thoughts. Your mind is so powerful that it can create and destroy things at a blink of an eye. Everything begins and ends in your mind. You can give it the power to enslave you, or you can empower yourself to control it.
Be mindful of your own thoughts. Learn to select them the way that you would select the clothes that you would wear. You can't control life from happening, but you can control your mind and the thoughts that run through it - and once you do, you will begin to gain control over your life.
This audiobook will help you understand why you have been losing focus. It was written in a light manner to help you better grasp the reasons for lack of focus in your life. There are no complex theories and concepts to comprehend.
This book was made to help you find your way back to you, to light your way toward your dreams and aspirations, and to give you the courage to regain control of your life.
Give yourself the gift of focus by listening to this audiobook. Allow yourself to break free from your fears and apprehension. Learn how to take charge of your life.


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