How to Talk to Hot Women

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You've seen those guys. The ones who have all the right lines and the kind of charm women flock to - the guys who always seem to lead beautiful women out the door of the coffee shop or out of the club at the end of the night, time after time. The guys who know how to reel in women and keep them.
Be one of those guys.You don't have to be young, attractive, or rich to get the woman of your dreams - you just have to know how to talk to her. Mehow®, legendary pickup artist and creator of Mehow, Inc., used to be that insecure schlub at the bar with no classic good looks or smooth moves to fall back on. Rejected repeatedly, Mehow always settled for the first woman who didn't turn him down. Sound familiar? Whether you're in need of major help or just need a little push, Mehow's lessons can improve any man's game.
Trained in the seduction fundamentals by the infamous pickup artists Mystery (The Game and VH1's The Pickup Artist) and Lovedrop, Mehow surpassed the masters in the pickup game, and in How to Talk to Hot Women, he shows how you can, too. Provocative and entertaining, it's the definitive system for rescuing your sex life, your relationship status, and your swagger. In this book, Mehow distills charm into a simple, easy-to-use formula that renders "dating tips" obsolete.
Learn the nine essential secrets to building immediate chemistry with attractive women, along with practical, field-tested techniques that leave you with the knowledge to transform your dating reality from nonexistent to nonstop. Mehow's one-of-a-kind system shows you exactly how to be yourself and succeed when you meet women, no matter how or where, or if you simply want the woman you already have to stay totally addicted to you.
Packed with specific advice on what to do, examples of what to say, and tips on how to develop your own game, How to Talk to Hot Women will allow you to reach new levels of freedom and confidence to date the woman you really want - whether she is the "perfect 10" for the next hour, the night, or the rest of your life.


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confident game

alright, I confess, this book aint bad. when I started listening i even believednit could be an outstanding one on how to date and work sexual relationships butbits not. it didnt took long until I thought the author is just another online game student who kind of 'got it' and now wants to make a buck of it as well. he shares interesting stories and all but really, it's kind of cold IMO, a mechanical guide on how one man got around the corner and all are allowed to follow. Mehow appears confident and skilled but I believe he's faking it a lot, this guy is all about getting laid, not much about others feelings, he's got the skills but not the heart. he seems to ve his own favourite fan so to speak. I dont like the vibe of his voice, it sounds like he's an ahole, when then again I dont believe he is, he is just playing a role, faking it to make it and i guess it works for him but he is not my cup of tea as a teacher for this kind of topic. sorry. it's a book about game not honest seduction.
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