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Imagine if you could direct other people's decisions.
Imagine if you could influence people's subconscious minds and make them do what you want. Imagine if you could learn how to discover and take advantage of the hypnotic "reflexes" we all have.
Everything you're about to hear is completely possible. Maybe you're not going to believe me. If this is the case, I feel sorry for you. So many people are already using hypnosis to direct other people's decisions and thoughts, maybe even yours.
The truth is, once you find a way to reach the subconscious you can easily direct the brain's decisions. As human beings we don't think like computers. Because of that we can be influenced easily. Hypnosis is just a way to take advantage of a pre-existing weakness.
You're about to learn 21 little known hypnotic techniques that could change your life. Don't worry, this book is not about magically creating "zombie people" that will follow every order. That is not hypnosis, it's fantasy. You're about to learn the real thing. The same methods world's most famous hypnotists use.
Some hypnotic practices you'll learn to master:

Breathing technique to induce a trance state
Six little-known truths about hypnosis
How to use rapid induction to hypnotize difficult targets
The three phases involved in each hypnosis act
How to use indirect suggestions to mislead the conscious mind

Don't let others control you. Buy this book today and start taking advantage of hypnosis in your life.


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