I Need Your Love, Is That True?

  • von Byron Katie
  • Sprecher: Byron Katie
  • 4 Std. 48 Min.
  • gekürztes Hörbuch


In Loving What Is, best-selling author Byron Katie introduced thousands of people to her simple and profound method of finding happiness through questioning the mind. Now, I Need Your Love, Is That True? examines a universal, age-old source of anxiety: our relationships with others. In this groundbreaking book, Katie helps you question everything you have been taught to do to gain love and approval. In doing this, you discover how to find genuine love and connection. The usual advice offered in self-help books and reinforced by our culture advocates a stressful, all-consuming quest for love and approval. We are advised to learn self-marketing and manipulative skills: how to attract, impress, seduce, and often pretend to be something we aren't. This approach doesn't work. It leaves millions of walking wounded, those who, having failed to find love or appreciation, blame themselves and conclude that they are unworthy of love.
I Need Your Love, Is That True? helps you illuminate every area in your life where you seem to lack what you long for most; the love of your spouse, the respect of your child, a lover's tenderness, or the esteem of your boss. Through its penetrating inquiry, you will quickly discover the falseness of the accepted ways of seeking love and approval, and also of the mythology that equates love with need. Using the method in this book, you will inquire into painful beliefs that you've based your whole life on, and be delighted to see them evaporate. Katie shows you how unraveling the knots in the search for love, approval, and appreciation brings real love and puts you in charge of your own happiness.



"Katie's chatty style and her use of detailed dialogues and simple exercises will make many readers feel transformation is inevitable." ( Publishers Weekly)


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life changer

the work is amazing even though it might be a little challenging to use at first!
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- Ulrike Neufeld-Duke

Bringt Dich zurück zum Wesentlichen

Ich habe mir das Hörbuch gekauft,da Byron Katie häufig in den Vorträgen von Robert Betz erwähnt wurde und dadruch in mir die Neugierde auf The Work geweckt wurde.Ich kann das Hörbuch empfehlen,es bringt dich zurück zum Wesentlichen,zu Dir,und zeigt auf wie wir uns mit unseren Gedanken unsere Welt erschaffen. Positiv und auch negativ.
Ich habe The Work noch nicht häufig angewendet,aber allein der Gedanke daran vermittelt ein Gefühl von Freisein. Ich kann nicht perfekt Englisch,habe aber alles sehr gut verstanden,da die Sprecher sehr deutlich reden. Das ein oder andere Wort kann man nachschlagen wenn man die Bedeutung nicht weiß.
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- Mimi Gee

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.04.2005
  • Verlag: Random House Audio