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IQ Booster Session - Rocket Your IQ Level, with Brainwave Audio.
Easily increase your intellectual powers - with IQ Booster, the powerful brainwave audio recording from Brain Hacker! IQ Booster uses special audio sounds to influence your brainwave patterns, helping you to maximize your brain's potential during a forty minute session.
This audio employs brainwave entrainment technology to sync your brainwaves up to particular frequencies. After being exposed to these frequencies, the brain replicates them, helping to bring about particular states of mind, in just minutes. In this session, your brain is gently encouraged to sync up with an 80 Hz isochronic tone, helping to send your gray cells into overdrive.
How to use: Just hit play and listen, anytime, anywhere, to begin to enjoy the benefits of a bigger IQ. It's completely safe, non-invasive, and non-addictive. It won't damage any of your brain cells either. Please note: You should avoid using this session if you are epileptic or if you need to stay awake. See for full warnings and our disclaimer.
Technical Information: This audio session helps unlock your brain's intellectual capacity from the inside out. The professionally composed track features layers of chords and pulsating harmonies guaranteed to keep you alert and attentive. It also includes carefully-blended isochronic tones moving from 30 Hz up to 80 Hz, generating Gamma waves in the brain to arouse the intellect quickly and naturally without the need for harmful drugs or stimulants. Download the IQ Booster session now to switch on your brain's full learning potential the smart and easy way!


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