Improve Your Golf Focus with Hypnosis

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Golf is part skill and part psyche. This is just one reason why hypnosis is so effective in helping you improve your game. If you are not up to par in other areas of your life, your game could be off course too. Hypnosis helps you relax and come to grips with other problems so you can have more focus for your game. Benjamin Bonetti, founder of the “Sports Attitude Programme”, has specifically developed one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of Sports’ Hypnosis audio. As many top athletes confirm, “The mind must be developed before the body.” When you are ready to move forward, dramatically increase endurance, remove hesitations, experience improved performance, alleviate pre-competition nerves, focus attention and increase motivation, simply start listening today.
Benjamin's remastered vocal tone has been proven to increase the susceptibility of your subconscious mind, allowing the hypnotic suggestions to re-programme your thinking patterns and increase the speed of which change happens. Benjamin's powerful hypnosis titles are among the world's leading self-development products, consistently within best-selling charts on iTunes, Audible, Amazon, and the Apps Store. Why not join the thousands of people who have increased their wellbeing and taken back control of their habits, beliefs, and health issues?


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