Living in Wise Mind

  • von Erin Olivo
  • Sprecher: Erin Olivo
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If stress has become a challenge in your life, Dr. Erin Olivo has encouraging news: The secret to effective stress management lies in mastering the distressing emotions at the core of our suffering. With Living in Wise Mind, Dr. Olivo brings you an empowering series of guided mindfulness exercises, on-the-spot techniques for distressing situations, and training in acceptance and tolerance of the things we cannot change. Practices include:

Mindfulness of Breath - a foundational exercise for returning to balance anytime
Just This Moment - a simple tool for observing and acknowledging exactly what is
Be Kind to Yourself - an exercise in self-compassion and letting go of judgment
The Wise Mind Debate - a method for releasing negativity and expanding perspective
Intended as a stand-alone resource or as a complement to Dr. Olivo’s book Wise Mind Living, the teachings and practices here are designed to help us achieve positive results whether our goals are weight loss, overcoming addiction, managing finances - or any area of our lives that we’re hoping to change. How? By transforming the way we understand and relate to our emotions and synthesizing the best of our rational capabilities with the sensitivity of our emotions. This is “living in wise mind” - and here is the program to get you started.


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