Lucid Dreaming

  • von Ken Talley
  • Sprecher: Alex Mendoza
  • 1 Std. 14 Min.
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We all have dreams, but most of us don't know the immense power of actually being consciously aware that we are dreaming while in a dream state.
Being consciously aware that you're dreaming while in a dream state and having the ability to control the events, people, objects, and surroundings in your dreams is referred to as lucid dreaming.
When you indulge in lucid dreaming, you suddenly have control and access to parts of your mind, your thoughts, and your memories that are hidden during your waking hours. The power of this is that you can change so many aspects of your life for the better. You will be able to improve your confidence, conquer your fears, solve problems in your life, and tap into your creative genius.
Your dreams can hold many secrets about your past, your desires, your goals, and things that you may not even think much about any longer. In his audiobook entitled Lucid Dreaming, author Ken Talley shows you how to master the art of lucid dreaming and how to use it to improve your everyday life. You will learn:

What is lucid dreaming
How to control your dreams
How to interpret your dreams
How to prepare yourself for lucid dreaming
The four keys to lucidity when dreaming
The various stages of consciousness
How to boost dream retention
And much, much more...


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