Mama Me Time

  • von Samantha Louise Redgrave-Hogg, Nicola Louise Haslett
  • Sprecher: Samantha Louise Redgrave-Hogg, Nicola Louise Haslett
  • 1 Std. 5 Min.
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Are you a busy mum in desperate need of some relaxation? Perhaps you're struggling to juggle motherhood with work or other commitments. Or just simply feel like you don't have a minute to yourself. Well, this album of self-hypnosis meditations may be just what you need.
Written by mothers for mothers, Mama Me Time consists of four tracks to guide you into deep relaxation, even if you have only 10 minutes to spare. Any mother is welcome to listen to this collection of relaxing audios, whether you have a newborn or older children.
All guided meditations within this programme include gentle and calming background music to accelerate healing. All tracks have been professionally recorded to the highest quality and should be listened to every day for at least 21 days for best results.
Nicola and Sam, the authors of Mama Me Time, feel extremely passionate about helping other mothers feel calm, centred and supported. This means letting go of the pressures of motherhood, including stress, others people's expectations, guilt and pressures to be, do and even look a certain way.
We really empathise with the pressures mothers are experiencing nowadays and feel our deeply relaxing and effective hypnotic audiobooks can help women with children feel calm, centred and confident.
Features: Samantha's and Nicola's calming voices guiding you into a deeply relaxed state. Cutting-edge hypnotic suggestions, visualisations and echoed affirmations layered with specific musical keys and frequencies to deepen the relaxation experience. State-of-the-art technology and unique sound frequencies. Posthypnotic suggestions to help you remain calm during the testing moments of motherhood.


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Lovely and effective

Love the soothing voice and deep relaxation! And I'm not even a woman, thank you!
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- synartica

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2016
  • Verlag: Aluna Moon Publishing