Managing Time Mindfully: A Mindful Approach to Time Management

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This book explores the use of mindfulness meditation as a practical tool for improved time management. When we take control of our personal time machine - our mind - we can take the passage of time under our control.
Mindfulness meditation techniques can be used to get more done in less time, and with less effort. When we are mindful about how we spend and invest our time, we free ourselves from a self-imposed enslavement to time.
Like a clock face and the seasons, the book is naturally divided into quarters. The first quarter, entitled "First Tickings", explores how we have become so time poor in our modern-day society. In the second quarter, "Perceptions of Time", the subjective nature of time is explained and explored. In the third quarter, "Managing Time", the book introduces the concept of "Extended Me Time" (or EMT) and how every minute we spend meditating pays back many times over. The fourth quarter explores the esoteric theme of "Temporal Alchemy". When we see time as a dimension our minds can interact with and manipulate, we can save much more time.
All in all, this book is a temporal tour de force and, in many ways, both ahead of its time and simultaneously taking time right back to its roots and first tickings.
Just imagine your to-do list getting done. Just imagine having more time to do more of what you love. Just imagine all your heart's desires turning up, just in perfect time.
At the end of the audiobook, you will find some mind-expanding meditations to help you experience a new relationship with time.
This is one book where you get the time back, and more, that you spend listening to it.
When you listen to this audiobook, your relationship with time will be changed forever.


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