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Success has a different definition depending on who you talk to. A person can find success in many different areas of their lives. Success may also mean different things to you at different points in time. For some a great job and money is having success, while for others it's having a family and loved ones to share their lives with.
According to Dr. Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, there are two main types of mindsets. Either you have a fixed mindset, where you believe that your abilities and talents are fixed and cannot be improved on; or you have a growth mindset, where you understand that through study, you can develop your talents even further. Which one do you hold firm in your mind?
No matter how old you are, whether it's 15 or 50, it's never too late to start building the life you desire.
How do you create the life that you want? You simply change your priorities. Changing your priorities involves adopting a growth mindset and only focusing on the things that totally matter to you. Everything else that doesn't matter should be let go.
This book will allow you to identify your mindset and then go about changing it, so you'll live a happier, more successful life. If you want to achieve your dreams you'll want to listen to this book.


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Gute Tipps wie man sich persönlich weiterentwickeln kann und bewusster lebt. Kann man nur weiterempfehlen.
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