Mode One

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As a man, when you decide that you want to express your romantic or sexual desires, interests, and intentions to a woman, how do you go about communicating those desires and interests to her?
Do you communicate your desires and interests to women in a cautious, vague, ambiguous, or "beat around the bush" manner?
Do you avoid approaching women and avoid initiating conversations with women altogether?
Do you regularly cheat on your wife or girlfriend behind her back?
Are you currently filled with so much bitterness, misogyny, and resentment toward women that you have no desire whatsoever to even interact with them?
In the audiobook version of Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're Really Thinking, author and professional dating coach Alan Roger Currie describes and examines what he refers to as the "Four Modes of Verbal Communication".
Currie makes the strong argument in his audiobook that the most effective interpersonal communication style that a man can exhibit with a woman is MODE ONE behavior, which represents when a man expresses his romantic or sexual desires, interests, and intentions to a woman in a manner that is bold, highly self-assured, up front, specific, and straightforwardly honest.
Currie harshly criticizes the idea of men maintaining disingenuous platonic friendships with women (what Currie refers to as "FunClubbin"), and he also points out that many men and women tend to exhibit behavior that is very duplicitous, dishonest, disingenuous, misleading, and manipulative when interacting with members of the opposite sex in today's dating scene.
Currie invites his male listeners to take notes while listening to each and every chapter (preprinted notes are available at
Warning: Some chapters in the audiobook include explicit language.


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I just love this book, this guy, the way he presents his concept of four basic modes men use aka represent to talk to women, get into a conversation with women and into their heads, beds and pants. Its simply the truth. But, and this is highlighted by the author himself, this book is first of all not a book about seduction or pick-up artist "techniques", its basic goal is to help men overcome their fears and just talk the way you think.
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- Matty

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