Piano Genius, Play Piano Well

  • von Joel Thielke
  • Sprecher: Joel Thielke
  • 2 Std. 54 Min.
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Learn how to play piano and tap in to your inner musical genius and creativity with this soothing guided meditation program from The Sleep Learning System and certified hypnotherapist Joel Thielke.
It's as easy as turning on the tracks and falling asleep!
The Sleep Learning System is specially designed to work with your subconscious mind during your sleep cycle. The guided meditation and soothing background music will deeply relax your body and mind for the perfect night's sleep while allowing you to access the deepest parts of your mind. With this program you'll be motivated to play piano better and access your inner musical genius.
Three new inductions give you options for each session, or listen to the entire album. It's your choice!
You'll feel well rested and focused when you wake up, and with every time you listen you will feel more motivated to play piano and feel more in touch with your creativity.
Joel Thielke's guided mediation system gives you positive suggestions that will help you quiet your mind and melt away stress, leaving your body deeply relaxed for a great night's sleep. While you're sleeping, the program will remove self-defeating thoughts and self-doubt and give you the confidence, focus, and creative energy you need to become the best pianist you can be.
The special inductions will gently guide you into your REM stage of sleep, working with your subconscious to make lasting change that you can see.
This Sleep Learning System album comes with three extended induction tracks, guided meditation programs, and bonus music and positive subliminals, providing hours of relaxation for your listening experience.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.06.2015
  • Verlag: Motivational Hypnosis Help, LLC