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Poker is an easy game to learn. It is also an easy game to master up to the point where you can yield profits and hours of enjoyment. As one of the most prolific players in the game's history (2003 World Series of Poker winner Chris Moneymaker) has said, "The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play." We will come back to this statement a few times in this book. Together we will cover and hopefully discover new and exciting ways to play the game properly, as well as the fascinating history associated with the greatest gambling game ever played.
By listening to the chapters in this book, you will gain an understanding of tactical play unparalleled by other novice players. You will become aware of the fruitfulness and scope of the gamble. You will discover ways to control your opponents by producing a number of actions that will make it seem as though you have dedicated years to the game without ever engaging in rigorous study. Your enjoyment will advance while your playing strength will increase, all while developing an expert's ability to plan your next move.
The ordinary player who wants to play poker for fun must overcome the first hurdle that is the knowledge of the game, once you feel you are a master of the cards - at least to some extent - you will be a skillful adversary to your friends and even to the sharks at the casino. Having the feeling of assurance about your game will make it possible for you to excerpt the full potential of all of the pleasures that poker can give, and that pleasure is considerable when your pockets are lined with profits.
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this is only for the absolute newbies and it includes an dangerous advice: the Task of the big blind is to put pressure on the opponents . In fact it is not. There is abolutely no in depth analysis of anything. useless for me
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