Review: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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What makes a song a hit? What makes a doctor operate on the wrong side of a patient's head? What makes social change possible when it had seemed so impossible before?
Charles Duhigg will show that the answer to all of these questions lies in the careful study of habit formation. Individuals, organizations and societies are all a product of their habits, whether those habits are carefully cultivated or they are based on impulses.
Habits are inevitable. The human brain craves habits so that it does not have to work so hard and is not involved in constant decision making. The brain does not want to have to think about every step you need to back your car out of the driveway and companies do not want to reinvent the hiring process every time they hire someone new. That is why habits form, to make things easier.
What distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful people is whether we choose to control habits or we let them control us. Without deliberate intentions and focused habit formation, bad habits can emerge with the power to end lives and render people and organizations completely dysfunctional. Conversely, careful reflection and knowledge of the habit loop can help any person or any entity adopt the habits that will get them what they want, whether that be sobriety, wealth, or a caring and loving community.
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