Short Course in Beer

  • von Lynn Hoffman
  • Sprecher: Adam Verner
  • 6 Std. 50 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Love beer. Sound smart. Drink well.
Straightforward and opinionated, Short Course in Beer is designed to turn the novice beer lover into an expert imbiber and the casual drinker into an enthusiast. Readers will come to understand the beauty of beer and the sources of its flavor, as well as learn which beers are worth our time and which are not. With tongue in cheek, the author examines beer's historical connections to the Crusades, the Hundred Years' War, and modern-day soccer riots. He talks frankly (and joyfully) about the effects of alcohol on the body and brain, he defends beer from its enemies, and ushers it out of the frat house and into the dining room. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter are designed to stimulate lively conversations, presumably over a glass of equally lively beer. At last a beer course for smarties!


Beschreibung von Audible

This witty, informative guide will be a delightful listen for anyone who enjoys beer, and that's saying something. What's not to love about an audiobook that teaches you the best ways of enjoying one of the world's most important (and delicious) beverages, and with a healthy side helping of history to boot. Performer Adam Verner sounds like your favorite know-it-all friend (in a good way) as he guides you through the role of beer in civilization, the interactions between beer and food, a primer on how beer is made, a short beer dictionary, and even poems to recite when the beer is served. Warning: prolonged listening is likely to leave you thirsty.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 05.02.2013
  • Verlag: Audible Studios