Stop Bullying: 10 Strategies for Women to Reduce Stress Caused by Bullying at Work

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Workplace Bullying Sales Description
Workplace bullying is a serious problem. If it's happening to you, it's important to take the right steps to deal with it. If you notice it happening to someone else, you should reach out and help that person. By fighting back against bullying wherever you see it happening, you can help to make your work environment happier, healthier, and more productive.
Unfortunately, more than half of the employees who report being bullied are women. Even more shocking is that about 40 percent of all bullies in the workplace are women themselves. The pressure women experience in a business environment that is still suffering from outdated, sexist practices is still a real problem. It has turned many women into victims of bullying and still others into bullies in their own right. You'll learn more about these deeper issues behind bullying in the book.
The 10 strategies you will listen about in this book were specifically chosen to make sure that you balance practical external action with strength-building internal solutions. In the 11 comprehensive chapters of the book, you will learn how to:

Minimize the long term damage that can be caused by bullying
Build up the individual strength that is needed in order to deal with this issue
Minimize the risk of acting against your own best interest.
Putting a stop to your own bullying
Discouraging other potential bullies from targeting you or anyone else in the office
Helping to create a positive, bully-free workplace environment.

So get this book and get ready to tackle this problem from every angle and resolve it once and for all! It will be a tough fight, but you will be able to build up the strength and tenacity that you need along the way, and you will walk away from this stronger and happier than you were.


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