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Ready to learn how to have a great sense of style and beauty? Let me tell you this: There's no such thing as unattractive women; there are only lazy women.
Do you want to learn how to have a great sense of style that turns heads? You've found just the book for that! Learning how to have a great sense of what to wear is not easy, and not everyone can do it, especially if you're not born Coco Chanel. It requires time, money, and patience.
I made this guide to help you be the lady you deserve to be, with your body in the right clothes. You'll pick it up so fast, you won't even realize it. I'll teach you how to have great style in order for you to shine. This is a step-by-step guide that's so simple, it's impossible to make mistakes.
This guide will allow you to practice, learn, and strengthen your knowledge of style so effortlessly, you'll wake up a new person - and with better clothes.
Nine things you'll learn from Style:
1) How a capsule wardrobe could benefit you 2) Why you feel like you have nothing to wear 3) Why plan? 4) How to dejunk your wardrobe 5) What certain clothes say about you 6) Scanning when shopping 7) Embracing your shape 8) Timeless trends that never go out of style 9) Successful accessorizing


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