Switchword Miracles

  • von Doron Alon
  • Sprecher: Doron Alon
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Can a single word create miracles?
Switchwords are straightforward and easy to use. Switchwords are simply words that "switch" on your subconscious mind, sort of like switching on a light. They are, in many ways, one-word affirmations. But unlike the conventional affirmations that don't work, these one-word miracles do.
Why don't traditional affirmations work?
A subconscious block is why an affirmation like "I am prosperous and I have plenty of money" does not work. The subconscious mind will throw that affirmation out because it is bumping up against an ingrained pattern you have that runs counter to the affirmation. This ingrained pattern needs to be bypassed. Often, the more you say affirmations like "I am prosperous and I have plenty of money", the more your subconscious mind will resist and cause you to fall further into financial problems. It is happening all the time. Notice that after the law of attraction took center stage in 2006 through the secret, individual and global prosperity had declined sharply.
Why are Switchwords different?
Switchwords bypass the resistance of your subconscious mind. They are switches. They don't give the subconscious mind time to process whether something you want is achievable or not. It just gets you in the right state of mind. They effectively bypass the old pattern instead of fighting it like the other methods do.
Switchword Miracles will teach you everything you need to know about how to use these amazing single-word affirmations.


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