The Art of Learning

  • von Josh Waitzkin
  • Sprecher: Josh Waitzkin
  • 7 Std. 55 Min.
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Josh Waitzkin knows what it means to be at the top of his game. A public figure since winning his first National Chess Championship at the age of nine, Waitzkin was catapulted into a media whirlwind as a teenager when his father's book Searching for Bobby Fischer was made into a major motion picture. After dominating the scholastic chess world for ten years, Waitzkin expanded his horizons, taking on the martial art Tai Chi Chuan and ultimately earning the title of World Champion. How was he able to reach the pinnacle of two disciplines that on the surface seem so different? "I've come to realize that what I am best at is not Tai Chi, and it is not chess," he says. "What I am best at is the art of learning."
The Art of Learning takes listeners through Waitzkin's unique journey to excellence. He explains in clear detail how a well-thought-out, principled approach to learning is what separates success from failure. Waitzkin believes that achievement, even at the championship level, is a function of a lifestyle that fuels a creative, resilient growth process. Rather than focusing on climactic wins, Waitzkin reveals the inner workings of his everyday method, from systematically triggering intuitive breakthroughs, to honing techniques into states of remarkable potency, to mastering the art of performance psychology.
In stories ranging from his early years taking on chess hustlers as a seven year old in New York City's Washington Square Park, to dealing with the pressures of having a film made about his life, to International Chess Championships in India, Hungary, and Brazil, to gripping battles against powerhouse fighters in Taiwan in the Push Hands World Championships, The Art of Learning encapsulates an extraordinary competitor's life lessons in a pause-resisting narrative.


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Different than expected.

Finding the book through Tim Ferris' podcast episode with Josh Waitzkin, I was deeply interested in learning about new tools to increase my learning potential. That is what I expected when I got the book.

While listening to it, I found it to be more of an autobiographic nature. Nevertheless, Josh's story is deeply inspiring and there are several lessons to learn. The abstract themes about learning he describes go really deep. The ideas are fascinating, but most relevant only to high performers, pursuing excellence in their field.

I especially liked his take on the growth mindset, his approach to "build sandals", which means to be able to autoregulate your emotions and remaining untouched by negative external influences.
His approach has similarities to stoic philosophy, however, he clearly emphasizes to discover one's core essence and staying true to it.

Really recommend the combination of the book along with the podcasts of the Tim Ferris Show. They give more insight into Josh's routines and personality. He is a truly humble and inspiring man.
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- Kilian Markert

reminder and biography

great story, interesting reminders of familiar concepts about attidue's and mentoring impact on success
eventually a story of his life (interesting though) but expected more concepts of learning
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- Christoph Oellrich

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.04.2014
  • Verlag: Tim Ferriss