The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

  • von Vishen Lakhiani
  • Sprecher: Vishen Lakhiani
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What if everything we think we know about how the world works - our ideas of love, education, spirituality, work, happiness, and love - are based on brules (bullsh*t rules) that get passed from generation to generation and are long past their expiration date?
This book teaches you to think like some of the greatest nonconformist minds of our era, to question, challenge, hack, and create new rules for your life so you can define success on your own terms.
The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a blueprint of laws to break us free from the shackles of ordinary life. It makes a case that everything we know about the world is mostly decided not by rational choice but instead by conditioning and habit. And thus most people live their lives based on limiting rules and outdated beliefs about pretty much everything - love, work, money, parenting, sex, health, and more - that they inherit and pass on from generation to generation.
But what if you could remove these outdated ideas and start anew? What would your life look like if you could forget the rules of the past and redefine what happiness, purpose, and success mean for you?
Not Just a Book but a Movement
Blending computational thinking, integral theory, modern spirituality, evolutionary biology, and humor, personal growth entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani provides a revolutionary 10-point framework for understanding and enhancing the human self. He developed this framework based on his personal experiences, the five million people he's reached through Mindvalley, and 200 hours of interviews and questions posed to incredible minds, including Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Peter Diamandis, Ken Wilber, Dean Kamen, Arianna Huffington, Michael Beckwith, and other legendary leaders.
The 10 Laws of an Extraordinary Life
In a unique fusion of cutting-edge ideas, personal stories, irreverence, and his brilliant teaching style, Lakhiani reveals the 10 powerful laws that form a step-by-step process that you can apply to life to shed years of struggle and elevate yourself to exceptional new heights. This book challenges conventional ideas of relationships, goal setting, mindfulness, happiness, and meaning. Lakhiani combines computational thinking with personal growth to provide a powerful framework for recoding yourself and replacing old, limiting models that hold you back with new, empowering beliefs and behaviors that set you on the path toward an extraordinary life - a life of more happiness and achievement than you might have dared to dream possible.
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Viele Stunden um Nichts

Der Autor erzählt in jedem Kapitel davon, wie er vorhatte, ein Buch zu schreiben, wie er seine tolle Firma gegründet hat und dass man für dies und das auf seine Website gehen soll. Die Essenz ließe sich in einem Zehntel zusammenfassen, es auf 10 Stunden aufzublähen ist ein Witz.
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- Daniel Wentsch

Extraordinary on its on terms

This book summarizes the main concepts you might have already discovered on mindvalley, puts them into a meaningful context, adds the stories behind them and, most importantly, takes you by the hand and dives you deep into them. Great content, very good read, and really powerful ideas presented in a way easy to digest and keep you going on your way towards your end goals and in alignment with your own personal quest. In the audio book, there are some repetitions of the concepts, but this makes it easier for the reader to follow and to remember the wonderful ideas. Awesome work, I highly recommend this one!
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- Veggiegirl

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 10.05.2016
  • Verlag: Simon & Schuster Audio