The Now Habit

  • von Neil Fiore Ph.D.
  • Sprecher: Neil Fiore Ph.D.
  • 7 Std. 28 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Here's the first comprehensive strategic system for overcoming the causes and eliminating the effects of procrastination.
Here are techniques to help any busy person get more things done more quickly, without the anxiety and stress brought on by delay and pressing deadlines.
If you are a professional, manager, student, entrepreneur, writer, or homemaker, this audiobook will help you achieve your goals more rapidly, whether they are large, complex challenges or the small, essential tasks of everyday life and work. If you now work effectively, even though you have too much to do and too little time, The Now Habit will show you how to prioritize your goals to allow more time for guilt-free play.
Step by step, Neil Fiore, Ph.D. reveals numerous tested strategies for ridding your life of procrastination:

Use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure
Overcome the perfectionism and fear of failure that lie behind procrastination
Benefit from making positive statements about work instead of sabotaging yourself with negative statements
Make your worry work for you
Use the "Unschedule" time-management techniques
Accomplish more in less time through efficient "flow state" work styles
Assist the procrastinators in your life in overcoming their problems
The Now Habit promises you the chance to truly enjoy guilt-free recreational time, knowing the work is really behind you.


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"unschedule"? umdenken!

Wer wirklich prokrastiniert - also Dinge aufschiebt -, dem hilft "schreib dir eine Liste" nicht. Der muss tiefer graben: Warum mache ich das? Was habe ich heimlich davon? Wie gehe ich damit um? Fiore schreibt keinen "Ratgeber" im schlechten Sinn, sondern lässt einen entdecken, wie und warum man aufschiebt und wie man deswegen wirklich Änderungen erzielen kann. Von ihm selbst gelesen - man merkt, dass er kein professioneller Sprecher ist, aber ich konnte mich daran gewöhnen.
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- vehoffmann

Good advise that works

I am not a classic procrastinator. Still, I experience a lack of motivation to do certain tasks (as, I guess, we all do). The book was interesting and enjoyable and I decided to put it to a test. One of the recommendations Neil gives is to "just start and spend a quality 30 minutes focused on the task". I had to prepare my early taxes and I applied this method. I just started! 30 minutes into the game (I set an alarm) I had accomplished so much - it felt great!
Very recommendable! Thanks, Neil!
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- Robert T Offline

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.11.2006
  • Verlag: Gildan Media, LLC